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At Apropos Design, our designs are created using the theory of “Emotional Aesthetics.” Interior design is a combination of aesthetics and functionality, and we believe the feeling the space elicits is just as important. The space should speak silently, but clearly, and tell a story. We create atmosphere.

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Interior Design can be intimidating…but it doesn’t have to be. Let Apropos Design walk you through the process and eliminate obstacles that may stand in your way of living in the space you desire. Solution-based design that solves the unique challenges of every space and is customized to each individual client is what we thrive on! We are here to guide you through each step, from consultation and concept to planning and project completion.


We strive to continually seek out and become knowledgeable about new products, unique applications, and interesting elements that play an integral part in functional and fabulous designs. At Apropos Design, new possibilities, viewing ideas through a different lens, and thinking outside the box are how we create spaces to delight our clients!

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