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Why Work with Apropos Design?

Apropos Design provides value beyond the visual. Working with an experienced designer offers homeowners the opportunity to ensure their design will include special consideration of the aesthetic, function, atmosphere, and safety elements required for their home.

As client advocates, we represent the homeowner’s best interests and convey project direction to our industry partners. We speak the industry language and assist in communicating design plans to contractors, builders, and installers.

We have built and cultivated strong relationships with trusted industry partners to provide quality products, customers service, and craftsmanship for our clients.

As members of locally and nationally recognized and respected organizations, we are connected to resources that contribute to our skill set and ultimately, the success of our projects, and ultimately client satisfaction.

As professionals, we are required to complete continuing education classes.

This opportunity provides us with updated information and a larger knowledge base, which in turn benefits homeowners.

We continually seek out information in regard to new products, technology within products, and new applications for existing products. This allows us to specify the best options for each individual client and offer solutions for their projects.

Interior Design is a science. Working with a professional with a design education, formal training, and industry experience adds value to the aesthetics, functionality, and enjoyment of a home.

Design Process

It all starts with a conversation! The Discovery Call is a 15-30 minute phone conversation to meet the client and learn the general scope of the project. During the call, we also discuss our services, processes, and fees. Once the pre-project information is shared, we schedule the Initial Consultation and meet with the client at the job site.

Each project is divided into 5 phases.

1. Programming

Initial Consultation

First meeting face to face to learn additional information, ask/answer questions. Discuss scope of project, budget and timeline.

*New Project forms are sent to client for signature and down payment is collected following this appointment.*

Job Site Review

In person view of the existing space or review of floor plans for new builds. This element of the design process most often takes place at the time of the Initial Consultation.

Information Collection

Data collection regarding project space, client and lifestyle, design style, needs/desires for project. This includes client sharing inspiration photos and general overview or desired products to be incorporated into the design.


Physical measure of space and details necessary for new design plans.

Photographs and Video

Additional resources obtained to be utilized throughout the design process.

2. Schematic Design

Concept Development

Review information from programming phase to begin design plans and basic space planning. Identify the style and address functionality, practicality, and budget. General ideas for the project are created.

Space Planning and Layout

Draft initial concept plans to address client needs/wants. At this time, traffic patterns, usage of space, special circumstances, and requirements for all residents are considered.

Drawings and Renderings

Create floor plans, concepts plans, and 3D visuals. Our designers are skilled in multiple programs to complete these deliverables, with the ability to select the program that is best suited for each project. The majority of plans are completed in-house. If needed, architects or draftsman are consulted.

Sourcing and Selection

Research and source products for style, aesthetic, and functionality.

Color Palette Creation

Establish color story for style, finishes, and selections utilizing psychology of color to design a cohesive visual and create atmosphere.

3. Design Development


Review and narrow down selection options, revise floor plans and cabinet plans, check specifications on products and materials.


Double-check measurements, cabinet specifics, revisit client requests to confirm all have been addressed or alternatives have been discussed in cases where requests are not feasible due to space, cost, lead times, or other reasons.


Confirm product specifications, manufacturer and product approved usage and parameters, consult codes as needed.

Materials and Selections Approval

Verify all samples are compatible with one another and provide cohesive and clear design within budget. Obtain final client approval.


Order products and check all lead times/stock.

4. Construction Documentation

Final Working Plans

Finalize floor plans, cabinet plans, renders, materials lists, and schedules.

*New Project forms are sent to client for signature and down payment is collected following this appointment.*

Order Tracking and Delivery

Verify products and materials have been ordered, check arrival dates/times, and coordinate with contractors, as needed.


Verify products have arrived and communicate with contractor for build out and install schedules.

5. Contract Administration

Project Management

Conduct job site visits, continue communication with contractor, resolve issues during build process.

Job Site Visits

Visit project during construction to check progress and quality of work, check-in with client for continued support during project.


Walk through of space during final stages of project to identify details that need to be addressed or finished before project is completed.

Project Specialties

New Construction

Building a new home can be an exciting, but daunting endeavor for a homeowner! Apropos Design provides guidance through the process to give our clients a peace of mind that their finished space will be a beautiful place where they can create new memories.  We are happy to work with the builder of their choice and assist in communicating their wants and needs.


We can completely change the footprint of the space, change the location of spaces, or stay within the basic existing footprint and update finishes. In addition, we finish raw spaces-ie basements.


We design a new footprint and reimagine the space by incorporating existing areas into the floor plan.


A redesign does not involve construction, although a few industry partners may be brought in for some finishes. This area involves elements that do not rely heavily on labor-ie. furniture, accessories and decor, custom window treatments.

Cabinet Design

We create cabinet plans customized for each client.  This often involves reworking the footprint of the space. We feature a variety of cabinet lines and offer custom cabinets. Specializing in cabinetry allows us to provide our clients with a more cohesive design process since this portion of the project is not outsourced.

Deck Design and Styling

For a smooth transition from the interior to the exterior of the home, we consult on selections, space planning for furniture and decor, and lighting. We then style the outdoor space to create a specific atmosphere.

ID Project Specialties

Selections Available

To source the perfect selections for our clients, we work with industry partners in local showrooms, online resources, and trade vendors.  We have built strong, trusting relationships with businesses and their reps to provide high-quality, reliable products.

Interior/ Exterior Finishes


Window Treatments





Plumbing Fixtures

Moldings & Millwork

Paint/Faux & Specialty Wallcoverings


Fabric, Upholstery
& Textiles

& Rugs


Accessories & Decor

Custom Creations