Custom Cabinets

Apropos Design is unique in the industry due to our knowledge and experience in cabinet design. Our ability to provide in-house service for cabinet plans and products, in conjunction with interior design, benefits clients and enhances the overall design.


Cabinet design is a niche within interior design and requires a specific skill set. It is highly technical and entails an in-depth knowledge of cabinet components, awareness of manufacturer specifics within each line, and specialized drafting capabilities. It involves the utmost attention to detail, along with familiarity with how appliances, plumbing, electrical, and natural gas options influence the overall design. Often these elements dictate space planning or involve parameters to consider during the cabinet design process.


Our expertise in cabinet design differentiates us from others in our field due to our training, experience, and capabilities within drafting software. We utilize industry-specific, top-rated programs to create cabinet plans and provide clients with a visual guide of how their space will lay out. Additionally, the plans are used by both the manufacturer for production and the contractor for installation.

Working with an interior designer skilled in cabinet design allows for a smoother and more cohesive process from start to finish. Apropos Design offers a comprehensive design plan for the project so details are addressed and the complete design is created by one provider. It eliminates the middleman, decreases the number of steps to arrive at the final plan stage, and alleviates confusion and the possibility of miscommunication with an outside vendor on this portion of the project.

Keeping the full project in-house provides a more fluid process for the client since the entirety of the design is considered throughout the planning phase. In addition, if issues arise, they can be addressed more readily and with the larger picture in mind.

Cabinet Lines

Our featured semi-custom cabinet lines offer a wide array of styles, finishes, and accessories to accommodate all tastes. Additionally, we partner with local cabinet vendors to provide fully customized cabinetry.